Do you come to me or do I need to go to a shop?

We come to you, one advantage of using Issaquah Detail is we work on-site, so you can relax at home while we detail your vehicle, instead of wasting half a day waiting at an overpriced detail shop.

How long does it take?

Each Complete Detail takes three to four hours, each Express Detail takes one to two hours.. 

What's the Difference between the Express Detail and Complete Detail?

Our Express Detail is more of a "best car wash in town" deal...we start with a thorough vacuum and vapor steam cleaning of the interior, pressure wash (and dry!) the floor mats, clean the windows in and out, pressure wash the door jambs...wash the outside of the car safely and thoroughly, finishing with a hand wax (using Meguiar's Yellow Wax) and deep, lasting tire shine. 

On our Complete Detail, we do everything in the Express Detail...as well as a deep cleaning of the seats and seat belts, and a deep carpet shampoo and extraction. On the exterior, we do a more thorough cleaning of the wheels (if there is hard rust, it will not come off with the Express Detail process), a deep trim shine, a deeper coat of tire shine, and most importantly we finish the paint with a polishing pad on a rotary buffer to remove all swirl marks and minor scratches, leaving your car perfectly smooth and reflective. We also finish the door jambs with wax and shiner. 

For more information on this, see the list of services specifically under the Express Detail and Complete Detail links on the left. 

Do I need to help?

Of course not! It will take just a minute to help us get set up, and you can relax for a few hours while we detail.

Do you use any harsh chemicals? Or any harsh scents?

Nope! We mostly steam clean, which is always best for many obvious reasons. We do use a light shampoo on carpets and cloth seats, but we rinse it well and follow with steam. We avoid using any interior scents.

Do you need to use my vacuum or extension cord?

Nope! We carry all necessary equipment, and have plenty of backup cords and hoses.